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Frost Zone Zine is a literary eZine of quiet horror, dark fiction, and poetry. You can read all about this call on the Frost Zone Zine website: submissions

The following call is now closed.

Open call for submissions:

Horror Anthology Book

Handmade Horror (stories)


Submissions are now closed. Many thanks to all who submitted a story for our consideration.
Responses will be sent out over the next few weeks.


Duosuma Submissions closes according to TIME ZONE, YOU can still submit through Green Submissions...


NOTES: 1. All contributors also received an electronic copy of the book.
(FYI: This project used Amaz*n POD - there are no proofs or author copies printed in Canada. )
2. Cryoseism Press  / Frost Zone Press: now simply Frost Zone Press


update March 27, 2021:

New: additional length/compensation added
now also accepting flash fiction 600 - 1000 words

Compensation for flash: flat payment of $10.00 CAD

Submission window: January 08 – April 28, 2021


The call is for: Original, never published short stories 1200-5000 words

                          Submit one story only.


Compensation: flat payment of $25.00 CAD for 1200-5000 words
                         flat payment of $10.00 CAD for   600-1000 words

(Payment by Paypal only, or eTransfer within Canada)


Theme: Horror stories that incorporate some element of art or craft.

This theme calls for stories that are fantastic, imaginative, spooky, scary, supernatural, horrifying, chilling, weird, amazing, twisted, light, or dark.
Keep reading below for more details.*

No hatred, torture, abuse, explicitly adult/sexual situations. No excessive gore or violence. No politics, religion, fan fiction, space opera, media-tie ins, pop culture or current events references.



  • the characters - artists, crafters, hobbyists, artistic tradespeople, or those who own, interact with, or come across their work.

  • the fruits of their labour (if they play a part in the plot) – toys, jewellery, wrought iron, stained glass, woodwork, paintings, knitted or sewn goods, ceramics, leatherwork, etc.

  • the plot: the plot has to move and not be weighed down with frivolity.

  • the writing:  Well-constructed, concise, smooth transitioning original tales.


Rights: First Worldwide Rights; electronic and serial rights for print and eBook, exclusive for 6 months from the publication date, non-exclusive thereafter for this book in all versions. Author retains copyright.


Edited by:  M.M. MacLeod (editor of Frost Zone Zine)
Unlike Frost Zone Zine, which is a small, quarterly digest magazine, this call is for an Anthology Book to be published as POD and eBook.

The estimated publishing date is Autumn 2021 (late summer 2021 – early Winter 2022 potential publishing window).


Submit your story through our submission manager Duosuma 

attach a .doc or .docx file.  There are NO submission fees.


Duosuma auto-closed per Time Zone; you can submit through Green Submissions HERE

If you have already submitted through Green Submissions you do not need to submit again. 


Simultaneous submissions are allowed, since the response time may be several months. (The aim is to respond as soon as possible). Please withdraw your story immediately if it will be published elsewhere. If your story is accepted for Handmade Horror (Stories), please withdraw it immediately from everywhere else.

Response Time: within one month after close date, if not sooner.

Include a brief cover letter with your submission, and a brief bio written in the third person. Mention to which market you are submitting – in this case, Handmade Horror (Stories). Why? Because we have received submissions meant for Frost Zone Zine, and vise versa. Frost Zone Zine is the quarterly zine. Handmade Horror (Stories) is an anthology book. The two have different submission criteria and payments.

By submitting your work for consideration you agree to the following:


  • you confirm the work you submit is your own, original, never published writing
  • you confirm that the characters and situations in your story are ficticious
  • you agree not to hold Cryoseism Press or the editor liable for any damages perceived or real that arise from your submission or the publication of your submission.
  • you have read and agree to the payment terms and understand that transaction/currency conversion fees may be charged (deducted) by the payment processor, and that payment can only be made through Paypal, (or eTransfer within Canada).
  • you confirm that your are 18 years of age or older at the time of submitting your story.

Acceptance:  You will be notified within one month of close date if your story has been accepted or not.
An agreement form will have to be signed by you before acceptance is firm.

Declination: If your story is declined, please do not contact Cryoseism Press or the editor about the decision. Do not submit another story unless asked to do so.

Retraction: An acceptance may be retracted by Cryoseism Press when warranted, even when an agreement has been signed. This unlikely circumstance may occur if: you misrepresented yourself or the story you submitted, it is found that publishing your work may cause damage or controversy, if you are not reachable/no communication.

All accepted submissions will be edited to remove any terms deemed offensive or hurtful to any individual or group, even in a historical piece depicting a time when such terms were commonplace.

For more insight into how pieces may be edited, visit Frost Zone ZIne website where extensive information is included on the submissions and attached pages.


©Cryoseism Press/Frost Zone Press/M.M. MacLeod 2021