2023: our main publication Frost Zone Zine is on indefinite hiatus,

but we are still here. There is currently no ETA for open calls
update: we expect to have at least one project to announce mid-summer.


This is a micro-press, unsolicited manuscripts will not be considered.









O P E N 
Feb01 – Feb13, 2022
to women for Women in Horror Month (March)*

*Women in Horror Month has always been February, but this year some are celebrating in March: either way we hope to feature more women in the spring issue.


Canadian eZine of flash fiction: Dark Fiction, Quiet Horror, and Poetry
now published biannually



This eZine pays up to semi-pro rates:

PAYMENT: Flash Fiction 400-1000 words $12.00 CAD
Poetry $8.00 CAD


Canadians may receive payment via eTransfer or Paypal.
Outside of Canada: Paypal only: we cannot use any other cash transfer service (note: Paypal Canada does not permit us to pay any associated fees.)


RIGHTS: First worldwide electronic rights exclusive for two months from the publication date, and non-exclusive rights thereafter for archival purposes, and inclusion in the electronic issue.
Please mention us as the first publisher in any future reprints.

Submissions must be unpublished (anywhere including blogs), non-broadcast, and original pieces.



File type: .doc or .docx
Standard font and format.

See SHUNN modern or classic if you need an example. (headers, pages nos. are not needed but if you already have them that is fine, too).


FLASH FICTION: what is most likely to be included is:
Dark Fiction . Quiet Horror . Literary Horror . Psychological Horror
POETRY: eerie, eerie-beautiful

This covers a wide range of subject matter including ghosts, witches, magic, folklore, monsters (human or not), realistic terror, scary misadventure, aliens, cryptids, and more.

Prose: 400-1000 word flash
Clear and concise is the way to go.
Poetry should be dark or eerie.


What will not be included: animal cruelty, child abuse, sexual assault, graphic sexual content, extreme horror, bigotry, hatred or prejudice toward any demographic. If any of these things are peripherally referred to (assumed, mentioned) and we publish the piece, there will be a content warning added.
Other CWs may be added to any piece at our discretion, for example: suicide, death of child, pregnancy loss, abduction, intruder, domestic violence. CWs are on a single page for those who wish to read them.

The very first call for submissions, as shown in the prompts poster below, is a good indicator of what is sought for publication. The first five issues can be read on this website.




Submission Fees? – NO. There never have been, never will be fees.

Simultaneous Submission? – YES. always have been/always will be allowed
just let us know/withdraw your submission when you’ve been accepted elsewhere.

Edits? – Only minimal editing should be required; please proof and edit work before submitting. Accepted work will be copyedited, proofed, and have our standard spellings (Canadian English) applied – the exception to this is poetry which will retain any UK or USA spelling variations. Authors will be contacted with any change suggestions beyond the above.

Response Time? – ALL submissions will receive a response within three weeks after submissions close date.




Send submissions only through our submission manager.

There is a place to include a brief cover letter and a brief third-person bio. Add any social media, website, or other links you want published to the end of your bio.


Submit through Duosuma

The following calls are now closed.

Our literay Zine of Horror and Dark Fiction

Frost Zone Zine is a literary eZine of quiet horror, dark fiction, and poetry. You can read all published issues on the website.

The following call is now closed.

Open call for submissions:

Horror Anthology Book

Handmade Horror (stories)

All accepted submissions will be edited to remove any terms deemed offensive or hurtful to any individual or group, even in a historical piece depicting a time when such terms were commonplace.

For more insight into how pieces may be edited, visit Frost Zone ZIne website where extensive information is included on the submissions and attached pages.

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