Frost Zone Press (/Cryoseism Press) is a micro-press founded and operated by artist & writer M.M. MacLeod, based in Hamilton, ON Canada.

The eZine Frost Zone Zine - which features eerie poetry and dark flash fiction -- can be found on its own website:
THIS ZINE is on indefinite hiatus/closed.

We published one anthology, Handmade Horror Stories, available for sale currently on Amazon and KOBO.

Forthcoming: chapbook, paper zines, and more.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

All accepted submissions will be edited to remove any terms deemed offensive or hurtful to any individual or group, even in a historical piece depicting a time when such terms were commonplace.

Payments are accepted securely for the following credit cards:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Credit card information is not seen nor stored by this website.